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United States
A girl with purple eyes and brown curly hair glances at you for a moment, then looks away.

"Hm...that makes how many people I've seen yet?"

She counts a number on her fingers, then looks back at you.

"Ah. Anyway. My name's Blair. Chinchillas and powdered donuts are my favorite things. I have psychic powers! I haven't met anyone who has them, yet, but I hope to soon. I don't want to be alone on this...I've seen books about it, though, but nothing on an attack called PK Digi.....

Digi, I had a pet cat named that...

She was my favorite thing, ever...

...Anyway. If there's anything else ya need'a know, just ask."

She sits down on the grass.

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Oh, hey, I've never seen you around here before.
Can't say I've seen you, either.
Well, hi then. My name's Rico. What's yours? :)
I'm Blair. Nice to meet ya.
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(( Thanks for the watch~ C: ))
((Thanks for the watch!))

Hi! Who are you?

"Uh...I'm Blair. Just recently moved here with the REST of my family. And you?...And why are you in a dress, sir?"

She looks you over again, just to confirm that you are in a dress. Her pet pixel cat, Gizmo, appears on her shoulder.

"Hi! I'm GIZMO!"The cat chirped, sparking.

((Fuel's RPer here.))
I'm actually a woman, for some reason, a beam of light shot at me when I was walking in the forest. It's odd. Where's the rest of your family anyway?

"Huh, that's strange. I don't think I've met any one else with that story. And the rest of my family is at home, I guess. This here is my pet cat Gizmo, though. He's from the computer world...I guess."

She pets Gizmo.
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